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Education is a very important factor everyone requires in their life. But it is even most important while going in for overseas education. Interestingly, it is not just for global career prospects that overseas education offers or long term future alone such a choice is made. Overseas education gives you the opportunity to experience new cultures, new customs and it expands your world view to be better informed & less biased. It also compels you to challenge your beliefs& discover your true strengths & abilities. It is the launch pad for a life of excellence in your chosen field.

In an increasingly global work environment, you need special skill-set and qualities to succeed. Employers are looking for team members who can think creatively, effectively and independently with an international perspective. International qualifications will be then a passport to enhance your career prospects both in India and Overseas.
Overseas education requires careful planning well in advance in order to choose the right subject of study and the institution matching your academic qualifications and career aspirations. With the wide choice of courses and the institutions available it is sometimes difficult to make a perfect choice. It is here that Edu Channel steps in to help you to make that important and perfect choice.

Our main objective is to put the students' interests first and suggest options matching the academic background and career aspirations through expert advice and quality guidance.

The CEO & Director, Mr Y. Sudhakaraiah had worked with British Council for over 20 years adds to the credentials at Edu Channel and his last assignment was Head, Education UK, South India before opting for voluntary retirement. After retirement from British Council, he had worked with Middlesex University, London as Director, South India for a period of two years before setting up Edu Channel in 2003. Mr Sudhakaraiah brings in wealth of knowledge and experience on overseas education opportunities and he has a sound understanding of both Indian higher education and overseas education sectors.

Counselling students has always been his passion and his mission in helping them to shaping their career aspirations He has travelled to UK, France, Hungary, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Maldives etc. as a part of various educational assignments & participation in conferences/seminars.
Y. Sudhakaraiah,  Director